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“Since working with Dan I’ve lost kilos, inches and probably a good few years. I have more confidence and energy now than when I was in my teens; my health’s never been better. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”
David Feller. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
 I have been training with Dan at Apex for 15 months and haven’t looked back. When I started I was feeling quite low with my body image and mentally. However, I now feel so much more confident about the way I look and feel. I feel fitter, stronger and more toned. I was nervous at first but Dan has always made me feel comfortable and at ease. He is professional, friendly and so knowledgable. He explains everything so I understand exactly what I’m doing, how I should be doing it and what I’m achieving from it.  I don’t hesitate to recommend him and can assure anyone you won’t look back once you start! 
Clare Osborne *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
I am an overweight man in my late 50s. I had struggled to exercise because of painful knees and shoulders, but in August 2013 I started having training sessions with Dan.
Dan assessed my abilities, writing up with a programme to accommodate and help manage my problems. Each week I am pleasantly surprised by the variety of exercises he has built in to the session; conditioning, weight training and circuit training are all included. Dan is extremely aware of my past injuries and is careful not to aggravate them.
Six months on, my sessions with Dan continue, and most weeks these are supplemented by one or two sessions on my own. My shoulders are comfortable and I can lift reasonable weights; my back and abdomen are much stronger, and I have been able to do squatting movements.
This spring I am off to the Dales to try some hill walking (gently to begin with) With his excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology, coupled with his understanding of exercise mechanics, he is easily able to motivate even the most reluctant of clients - I can be lazy! I plan to continue having training sessions with Dan to build on my current level of achievement.
Dr Roper. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
Dan is an exceptional trainer, and honestly one of the most approachable and friendly people you could ever meet at the gym or elsewhere. After signing up I was astonished at his level of dedication to his craft, and how capable he is when it comes to motivating people to get in shape. If you're looking to shed a few pounds or work towards any sort of fitness goal I can't recommend him enough!
Sherwin Matthews  *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
I went to these guys to help me with my sport as an enduro rider. But they have change my body an mind In ways I never knew possible.
They have made me a better rider but that's only the beginning. I'm now stronger an more balanced in my career as a farrier meaning my back and body is better protected.
They have also done a fantastic job with my diet. Meaning I feel great an look forward to meals.
What ever your trying to archive in your life sport or job these guys are it. Look no further.
To my mind they have an un rivalled knowledge an passion for what they do.
Tom wall *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
Dan is the best trainer you will ever find! His new personal training gym had everything you will need to achieve your fitness, weight gain or weight loss goals! Definitely recommended!
Gavin Jones *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
Dan has trained me over a number of years. He has taught me a solid foundation for strength and conditioning, which has enabled me to progress on the rugby pitch. Now I am able to train with Dan, again, in this excellent personalised studio, I am confident that I will continue to get stronger and fitter as he provides me with a tailor-made program. The research, and extra effort, he employs to make sure that every exercise is worthwhile means that my game (rugby) has been improving every week. Furthermore, he can provide sound reasoning and physiological knowledge for each lift and movement, which shows not only his dedication and professionalism, but instils a sense of confidence in what you are doing.
Chris Roper. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
 “I saw Dan for several sessions many months ago and learnt for the first time how to work with weights and body weight effectively. I really feel I know what I'm doing in the gym now and have recommended Dan to many friends and clients of mine who're looking to revamp their lives. Dan really knows his onions and explains things to the level you want to know and works successfully with you even if you carry injuries when you start out. Since Dan's sessions I developed confidence in my body's abilities and took up Triathlon, have enjoyed residential fitness bootcamps and compete in long distance swimming open water events. “
Alice Pinion BSc (Hon's) Adv DHyp
 Maldon Hypnotherapy Clinic & Head First - Sports Performance Mind Coaching 07906 059022, *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
 “Dan is a great personal trainer. Not only does he make it his focus to insure that the training achieves my goals, but he does it in a friendly and professional manner”
 Colin Sharman*disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"I have been training with Dan for a year now and have learnt so much from him. I enjoy training sessions with him and I know he will push me and help me get the most out of the sessions. I feel a lot more confident in lifting heavy weights and know that I'm doing it properly. My posture and flexibility has also really improved. Each session is varied and tailored to me to help me improve and progress. He has also given me a set program to follow when I'm training on my own."
Claire Woods. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"The initial consultation confirmed that Dan was more than capable of helping me and the dedicated gym was well equipped.......Straightaway I had a plan to follow on a weekly basis and was asked to record my sessions. Even though I'd dabbled with weight training in the past, I didn't really know what I was doing. Dan kept me consistent with my training and helped me improve my technique over time. 
I could have joined a gym and signed up to an in-house PT. But Dan's set-up is different, it's all about personal training, the space is dedicated to you and Dan is much more experienced that the average in-house gym PT.
I don't like to take life too seriously and Dan makes sessions enjoyable, varied and informative.
Apex delivers results!"
Glenn Jacobs *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person

"I am a 70 year old practicing skeletal surgeon who still works a 10-12 hour day. Like many busy people, I have little spare time for exercise and not a huge enthusiasm for it, although a keen sportsman in my youth. Since the age of fifty, I have been aware of that the ageing body needs increasing ‘help’ to maintain a level of fitness necessary for work, activities of daily living and recreation. Maintaining an exercise programme alone is difficult for most of us, me included, at any age and gardening is not enough for the aged. Every decade since 50, I have tried to dedicate more time to exercise. This creates three problems: (1) doing appropriate and useful exercise, (2) not doing physical damage to the (ageing) musculoskeletal system by inappropriate exercises or exercises done wrongly and (3) maximising useful time exercising"........Continue

David Eliot Plastic surgeon MA, BM BCh, FRCS *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person

“Dan Has really made me look at my relationship with food & been able to give me nutritional advise to fit in with my lifestyle.
Working with Dan has made me enjoy exercise & Dan pushes me further than I ever would do on my own. He makes every workout different & enjoyable which makes it fun & makes me want to come back. If it was not for Dan I would have given up. I would recommend him to anyone. He has made a massive difference to my life & my partners.”
 Debbie Bedford. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"I was recommend by a local Osteopath to visit Dan.
Since I started training with Dan he gave advice on a healthier eating plan and I lost 30lb over a six month period and felt stronger , fitter and more capable to enjoy an active lifestyle.
I found Dans approach to exercise interesting and motivational each session was different. When I had aches or niggles he would provide solutions using a wide range of equipment.  He always demonstrates fully each exercise outlining its benefits and monitors me throughout the process ensuring I complete the task in the correct way.
Dan has been training clients of all backgrounds for a significant period during which time he has gained a wealth of knowledge and he uses that to customise my experience so that after each session I feel like I’ve had fun , pushed myself and accomplished something positive, making me motivated to continue living healthy and look forward to the next session.
I would thoroughly recommend Apex to anyone looking to get fit in a safe environment and motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle."
Steve Hassler. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
“Dan Hadert was recommended to me by my osteopath. I had suffered recurrent back problems after lifting heavy garden rubble approx. 4 years ago. I had to give up squash which was my only exercise. Dan became my personal trainer 6 months ago and organised a 10 session plan to improve my fitness and strengthen my back muscles supporting my spine. He emailed me my fitness plan after every session, so I could have no excuses. This plan also included analysis of my diet and recommendations for healthy change. Now I am a stone lighter, back playing squash and am going skiing in March.”
 Dominic Finn. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
“Working with Dan has made me like coming to the gym and my workouts are hard but good and I can see how much I could do at the start and how much I can do now. And I can do much more than I ever thought I could. He is very good at his job and I got on very well with him. I am going to keep coming to the gym as he taught me I could do this for myself. I would put his name forward to anybody that wanted to get fit as he is the best and he has done a lot for me.
Heidi Carter. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
 “Dan Has transformed how I workout and taught me more about myself and body than working out alone I would never have known. Without Dan’s help I would still be the same size and dread coming to the gym, but now I am more confident and love working out.
 Shaun Delaney. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
“When I was recommended Dan I was at my heaviest, had low self-esteem, asthma and was taking antidepressants after hibernating for 6 years. Now after having several block sessions with Dan I am no longer a severe asthmatic, feel positive and have a full time job. Thank you Dan."
 Caz. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"Dan’s approach was always empathetic, he always explained the reasons for doing an exercise in a certain way to get the most benefit. Always encouraging. Explains how the body reacts to certain exercises. And how to carry out the exercises in the wrong way can cause harm.  Always watching how the exercise was being carried out and making the necessary amendments if necessary. He listens to what you have to  say and gives exercises which meet your needs and requirements......I am always very satisfied when the session is over, because I feel I have achieved my aim.
I would recommend Dan’s business to others seeking to enhance their physique."
Patricia Howard *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
“Going every week, best money I have ever spent. My wife loves my body more and more!”
Derek Duggan. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
 “Dan is professional, Knowledgeable and great fun to work out with. With his help I have dramatically lowered my PB’s”
Tim Green. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"Brilliant PT. Dan has spent a lot of time working through my sports injury and finding the right exercises to help in my rehabilitation. He really does know what he is talking about and continually builds on his knowledge. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Julia MacKay. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"Having lost some weight, and realising that a change in diet alone wasn't going to be enough, I started training with Dan a year ago. Having no body confidence, the thought of going to the gym and being surrounded by fit people in Lycra scared the life out of me! I searched locally for a PT and found Dan.

From our first meeting I felt comfortable and less self conscience which was a major thing for me. I don't just get to benefit from Dan's professionalism as an accomplished PT but also from his vast knowledge of nutrition and anatomy. Doing a food diary for a few days each month and discussing together where improvements could be made etc. both helps and educates me.

Over this year I've reached my target weight but without Dan I don't believe I would have the shape I've achieved (a definite confidence booster) and I most definitely wouldn't have the strength and fitness I've gained. (To assist anyone reading this review I'm in my late 40s, was overweight for my height and my weight loss skin didn't ping back into place when once it might have!)

I can't sing Dan's praises enough, he's a great guy and very personable. Our training relationship is a two way thing and our sessions are challenging and fun.

I like the discipline of booking block sessions I can pay for in advance rather than the option of paying gym membership and not going often enough to make it worthwhile. I have no hesitation in giving Dan a 5 star review and I highly recommend you give him a try."
Louise Sankey. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"Dan gets the balance just right to push me to, but not beyond, my limits. He has the knack of knowing when i'm genuinely struggling and when I'm just trying to skive a bit!
I have come to hate the phrase 'one more if you've got it'. I want to scream 'No, I haven't got it!', yet I feel compelled each time to prove that I can do one more.

Dan is very knowledgeable regarding diet and nutrition, but I don't feel judged for not always following the advice he offers; I'm happier feeling strong than worrying about my weight.

The private studio is great; there are no distractions from other gym users, and no waiting for a particular bit of kit.

Thoroughly recommend Dan as a trainer."
Jade Fell. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"I have been with Dan for just over a year now and it has only been a good experience. His knowledge about health and fitness is very good and he has been a great help to me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good quality personal trainer."
Scott Price. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"Dan has been my trainer for a year and a half now. He has an incredible knowledge of both health and fitness and has helped me achieve my goals through an individually designed and challenging training programme. Dan is extremely professional and creates a relaxed environment within his fully equipped private gym. Highest recommendation!!!"
Claire Casey. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
"Professional and friendly personal trainer, keeps me healthy for snowboarding."
Colin Sharman.  *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person
“within my 8 years as a health and fitness professional, Dan Hadert is undoubtedly one of the most highly skilled proactive and successful personal trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. Since first meeting Dan, he has set up a successful personal training business, becoming second to none with his rapport building, likeability and results. He has tremendous drive and is fully focused on his clients and their goals.
By leading a healthy lifestyle, connecting to his client’s experiences with his own, and his continual quest to learn and update his knowledge. Dan has become not only a role model to his clientele but also his fellow fitness professionals. When he is not training a client or himself, you will find him chatting to colleagues or members about training or engrossed in fitness literature.
Dan is both an exceptional person and personal trainer."
Ian Marchant BSc, Health and fitness manager, fitness first Ashford. *disclaimer, result may vary from person to person